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American-Made Custom Upholstery

Smith Brothers commitment to quality craftsmanship and American-made furniture brings a sense of pride to any home. With their wide range of stylish and comfortable furniture options, Smith Brothers has become a trusted and beloved brand for families to gather and create memories on their furniture for generations to come.

A cozy leather couch

Smith Brothers takes a different approach to furniture, taking pride in the consturction and craft of their assembly process.

Soft seat foam

Seat Foam

The seat foam used in Smith Brothers sofas, sectionals, recliners, and more is the best foam available. With three separate spring units mounted into a sofa, you won't find youself falling into the person sitting next to you.


The brackets utilized in the frame of Smith Brothers furniture provides side load strength when you sit on you sofa, so you won't experience any flex that you find with other brands.

A cutaway of chair
Living room scene


Smith Brothers pays attention to the details. The fabric patterns on their funriture matches from the back cushions, to the seat cushions, to the base, providing for a flow that's not only visually pleasing, but also is a testament to the quality of the piece.

Why Missouri Furniture Carries Smith Brothers

Since 1977, Missouri Furniture has been serving Missouri residents, providing them with the very best in comfort and style. We continue that mission by providing you with the Smith Brothers furniture line. With its exceptional quality, durability, and timeless designs that appeal to a wide range of customers, we are confident that Smith Brothers furniture will add style to your space that will last a lifetime.