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Recharge In Comfort.

Stressless furniture loves movement and strives for the optimal balance between softness and support. That's why recharging in Stressless furniture feels different-it speaks the same language as your body.

At Stressless we wholeheartedly believe the best choice you can make is to furnish you home with high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime. For more than 50 years, Stressless has developed comfortable design and features based on human anatomy and people's everyday lives.

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The Stressless Design Advantage

Just like human beings, Stressless recliners are fine-tuned instruments. Our recliners love movement. They strive for the optimal balance between softness and support. That's why recharging in a Stressless recliner feels different-its speaks the sam language as your body. If you have ever owned a truly comfortable recliner, you know that it quickly becomes the most popular piece of furniture in your home. It's where you retreat after a long day at work or spend that well-deserved lazy morning.


Build a beautiful home! All Stressless furniture can be customized with our broad range of materials and finishes for the perfect look for you. This means that you can get really creative or stay with tradition. We offer many types of leather, from the most exclusive and delicate to the more robust, in a variety of feels and colors. Choose to match colors between materials or create more contrast for your perfect look.

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For over 50 years, the craftsmanship of Stressless furniture has been based on solid principles for the design and processing of materials, and that knowledge has been passed down through the generations by employees who really care about furniture. The Passion continues as new generations stand on the shoulders of their ancestors and take pride in creating extraordinary furniture gor quality-conscious customers. The production processs follows strict guidelines, and the quality control is extensive. Skills are passed on with pride, passion, and with the conviction that strives for the best.


Stressless dining chairs are expertly designed to work with your body, not against it. The flexible seat and back follow and respond to the movements of your body in a unique way, offering a variety of positions for total comfort to maximize your quality time with friends and family.

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Working form a Stressless chair keeps you both agile and supported during long hours. In both high and low back models to fit your preferred style and space, Stressless home office chairs marry an office chair style with the many comfort functions found in a true Stressless recliner.

Why Missouri Furniture Carries Stressless

Since 1977, Missouri Furniture has been serving Missouri residents, providing them with the very best in comfort and style. We continue that mission by providing you with the Stressless by Ekornes furniture line. With its adaptive superior comfort, great style, and high quality craftsmanship, we are confident that Stressless furniture will help you to truly relax in total comfort, and that comfort, combined with the great style of Stressless, will help you love where you live.